How Do They Work?

Medicare Supplements

What Is It?

A True Secondary Insurance

What Does A Secondary Insurance Do?

A true secondary insurance is one that picks up and pays after your primary insurance. In this case Medicare is the primary insurance, hence the name Medicare Supplement.


After you have met your Medicare Deductible, Medicare will pay 80% on Medical and Durable Medical Equipment. That leaves you responsible for the remaining 20% of the bill.


There are several options available in regards to the coverages that the secondary insurance will have. That's why it's best to find a reliable insurance agent who can help you understand the differences between the plans.

Continued Service

Having Someone to Call Whenever You Have Questions is a Valuable Bonus You Don't Get with the 1-800 Numbers.

Unlike the agents you talk to when you call the 1-800 numbers, I'm someone you can call again and again and still talk to the same person. I get to know you and you get to know me. We build a relationship together. You want to be able to call your agent and talk to someone who knows you as a person, not just another policy number.

If you have issues or questions that come up you can always contact me. That's the advantage to having a local agent. You get someone who is familiar with you. You get someone who lives in your community. Who better to understand how things are than someone who's your community neighbor?

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